An Important Guide about Gravestones

The subject of death is a not a favorite topic of many people. However, everyone alive will eventually pass away and they will probably end up in a cemetery (gravsteiner) . Once they are buried, family members will usually provide a gravestone to mark their gravesite location. This will help them to find where their loved one has been placed. Also, a gravestone provides a snapshot of a person’s life. Let’s take a deeper look into gravestones to know more about these ritualistic custom pieces.

A Quick History of Gravestones

In the ancient days important people within society were often buried in tombs or some type of grand structure. Their burial site was usually marked by some type of stone slab that told the world who they were in life. These slabs were known as steles (gravstein trondheim) . Overtime this custom grew in popularity and marking graves became a part of the burial customs for many people.

Christian, Jewish and Muslim began to bury their followers with grave markers. Each of these faiths used gravestones to let people know about the lives of their buried followers. Currently, there are many different types of gravestones that people use to continue this ritual.

What materials are used for gravestones?

Cemeteries use gravestones made of different materials to mark burial plots. Gravestones are made out of materials such as granite, marble, bronze and sandstone. Some materials are even made out of wood or stone. In the past, people normally used stone or some type of other rocks as grave markers.

Gravestone Marker Design ,

Today’s gravestones are stylish and functional. People can have pictures of their loved ones permanently emblazed on their units. They can also have them designed in a variety of geometrical shapes which adds a personal touch of style and flair (gravstøtter) . People can have short messages about a person’s life put onto the grave marking or they can have scripture placed on it. Some people even have miniaturized statues of their loved ones placed onto the gravestone. These pieces come in different styles which include flat markers, bevel markers, slant markers, monuments and ledgers.

Gravestones, Tombstones and Headstones

The term gravestone can also be used interchangeably with the word tombstone or headstone. However, both of these other words can be used to mark other types of burial plots. Tombs are burial plots that are larger than normal graves. They typically are used to bury people underground. Crypts can also be used as well. Headstones are also used as gravestones even though they’re more simplified.

The Cost of Gravestones

Gravestones are priced by their weight. They can be purchased from cemeteries, funeral homes or retailers. Most gravestones typically cost between $1500 and $2000. People can also have them custom made. Cemeteries typically have rules about headstones. You must check them out before you purchase one for a grave site.

Gravestones and Holidays

Cemeteries are often visited during the months of October and in May. October 31 is the day people celebrate Halloween and the Day of the Dead. The last Monday in May is the time when people celebrate Memorial Day. People often visit cemeteries to get a good scare on Halloween and the Day of the Dead. They also remember fallen soldiers and combatants from previous wars on Memorial Day. Having gravestones for these occasions helps people to remember families and loved ones or to have a scary good time.